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15 Inspiring Examples of Sustainable Tourism from European Destination Management Organization - 2019
Big Data and Tourism. Saskia Cousin, Gael Chareyron et Sébastien Jacquot
Case study: Analysis of the signage system, archaeological site of Umm Qais, Jordan - 2016
Case Study: Assessment of visitor management, archaeological site of Umm Qais, Jordan - 2014
Case study: Challenges to heritage site-based values, heritage site of Umm Qais, Jordan - 2016
Case study: Management of natural and cultural heritage, Jordan - 2016
Case study: Managing heritage tourism in the Decapolis sites of Jordan - 2015
Climate change adaptation for natural world heritage sites, Practical guide, UNESCO - 2014
Climate change, world heritage and tourism : 10e séminaire de la Chaire UNESCO et du Réseau UNIWIN-UNESCO « Culture, Tourisme, Développement » - 2019
Climate risk assessment for Heart of Neolithic Orkney WH property - 2019
Collaborative management, methods for stakeholders, HerMan - 2014
Conservation of cultural heritage in the arab region, ICCROM - 2016
Cultural heritage and natural disasters, ICOMOS - 2007
Cultural heritage and the law, ICCROM - 2008
Cultural heritage of water, ICOMOS - 2011
Dictionnaire des acronymes des musées et de l'archéologie Anglais-Francais
Heritage, resilience issues and opportunities for reducing disaster risks, ICOMOS - 2013
Integrated planning, IUCN - 2019
Natural World Heritage in Africa, UICN - 2020
Register of best safeguarding practices for the immaterial heritage, UNESCO - 2009
Register of best safeguarding practices, UNESCO - 2009
Saving our vanishing heritage, Global Heritage Fund - 2010
Sustainable tourism and natural World Heritage, IUCN - 2011
Tourism and preservation : some challenges, International preservation news - 2010
World heritage and Tourism in a changing climate, UNESCO-Union of Concerned Scientists-UNEP - 2016
World heritage cultural landscapes, a Handbook for conservation and management, UNESCO - 2010